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Tool Radar: python

1 minute read

I was playing with some QR Code generator stuff (that I might get into in some other post eventually)… there are a whole lot of options to pick from, but I got stuck - stupid me - on some Python incarnation for now. It uses Flask, Werkzeug and some other presumingly fancy stuff that I never heard of… so I got curious.

Tool Radar: fx

less than 1 minute read

I came about a nice tool for CLI processing of JSON structures… native JavaScript, fast and intuitive from a modern JavaScript perspective.

docker-machine and Raspbian … a funny couple !

3 minute read

Ok - it’s 2019 … and Raspbian has really gone a long way. But despite the fact that there is a growing number of Raspbian-Docker nerds out there… the docker-machine guys seem to be not interested in properly supporting Raspbian out-of-the box using either some “hypriot” driver setup or at least the “generic” drivers built in OS detection …

What’s next ?!?

less than 1 minute read

Now that I got the stuff running, what am I going to do with it ?